Afghanistan: Winning the War, Losing the Peace

Afghanistan: Winning the War, Losing the PeaceWinning the War, Losing the Peace shows a hungry, lawless, combustible nation…”

“… the images are troubling and unforgettable…”

Jonathan Curiel, San Francisco Chronicle

Cliff Orloff returned to Afghanistan in June 2002, more than 30 years after his first visit in 1971. His wife, Olga Shalygin, a Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist, joined him.

In one of the largest and fastest voluntary migrations in history, Cliff and Olga document the early stages of an Afghan refugee disaster in the making.

They found a hungry and desperate people, unable to return home because of the armed bands belonging to warlords that control virtually all of Afghanistan outside of Kabul. Their interviews with two major warlords, unwilling to be first to disarm, are chilling.

Orloff and Shalygin bring attention to an under-reported story… that there is no peace in Afghanistan. The only security to be found in Afghanistan is in Kabul where the foreign press is based. The videography by Shalygin is hauntingly beautiful, but reflects a situation that is dire and disturbing.

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