Korea: The Unfinished War (5-pk)(Tin)

Korea: The Unfinished WarFive years after the defeat of Nazi Germany and Japan, a new menace to freedom arose in the East! Communist North Korean forces, backed by the might of a newly victorious Red China, crossed the 38th parallel into South Korea. The violation of this agreed-upon treaty line caused the United Nations to spring into action, triggering the first heated action of the “Cold War.” Three years later, the conflict ground to an inconclusive halt, as the political will of the exhausted Western democracies bled out on the battlefield of Pork Chop Hill. This extraordinary series captures the ferocity and the futility of a war America never fully committed to, incorporating expert commentary, shocking newsreel footage and documentary films made during the thick of the fight by John Ford and John Wayne. Must-see viewing for anyone who hopes to understand the roots of the ongoing tensions between Democracy and the current regime of North Korean madman Kim Jong-Il,Korea: The Unfinished War offers a terrifying lesson in military and diplomatic history!

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